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29 November 2010 @ 06:38 am
Status:  SUV Retrieval Crew:  Alice and Claire
Location: Safe Zone & a town two miles away
Warnings: Violence
Notes: Harry Summers has given the go ahead to get to the Torchwood SUV, pull supplies out of the town it's parked in, and get it back to the Safe Zone ASAP.

Jack liked working with small crews.  He was better at keeping them together, better at managing them, but Jack had no idea the sort of independent and highly qualified women that had been tasked to go with him.    He'd kept mostly to himself, getting the lay of the place in case the slack jawed muscle decided to stop being sane.  The soldiers, and sometimes that include the Lieutenant, looked about ready to snap at any time.

He was under no impression that they all were safe, and he wasn't talking about the walking dead outside either.

"Captain Jack Harkness," he said, patented playboy grin and lashes that extended for miles working in his favor hopefully.  He relied on being a charmer.  "Good to be working with you all."  He smiled at everyone with equal flirtatiousness.  Including the two soldiers assigned to their extraction group.
26 November 2010 @ 04:06 pm
Status: Open
Location: Safe Zone
Warnings: None.
Notes: Introduction post.

Arthur had been walking for miles through the quieter country roads, happening across and taking out only the odd straggling member of the walking dead along the way. It had been days since he’d last experienced any proper form of rest due to the lack of there being anywhere safe enough to stop and board up for the night, every muscle sore and aching in protest with every step that he took. But he’d spotted what appeared to be an enclosure in the distance and realised that it was his best bet, if not his only option if he wanted to survive, and used it as motivation to soldier on through the pain.

He walked with a rifle strapped around his torso, a blood-stained bayonet attached at the end, and kept his hand gripped firmly around it, ready to fight at any given moment. As he finally made it to the main gate, tired and hungry, he searched with his eyes for any signs of life.

“Hello?” he called out, voice weak and cracked from lack of use, coughing dryly in consequence. “Hello,” he tried again, managing to shout louder and more clearly this time, “Is there anyone here?” The exhaustion set in, dizzy and unbalanced, he held onto the bars of the gate for support, waiting in hopes that someone would eventually make an appearance.
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Status:  Open
Location: Safe Zone
Warnings: None
Notes: Julian's feeling a little loopy, after sustaining some head injuries from his shuttle crash. And, you know, his travel through time. The Doctor probably needs a Doctor...

"Dear God, what a headache!"

Lying on the floor of his shuttle, Julian could easily recall why he'd tried to limit his interstellar travel - especially when it came to medical conferences. There had been a few too many close calls in recent times, and, by the looks of things, this was going to be no exception. He wriggled his fingers and toes, thankful that there was no numbness or tingling. It was a good start, he wouldn't particularly like to traverse an alien planet with nerve damage.

"Computer," he murmured, absently palpitating his abdomen in a search for internal injuries. "Damage report."

" Communications are offline. Weapons are offline. Primary systems are offline. Secondary systems are offline. Engines are offline..." Evidently the computer didn't feel the need to sugarcoat his situation at all- he was - in a word- screwed. 

"Alright, alright. I don't need to hear any more." Reaching for his tricorder, which had escaped his notice for the moment, he wasn't even surprised to find that it was broken.

Stifling a groan, he pushed himself up into a sitting position, convinced that his injuries were relatively minor. No internal injuries, no broken limbs... As far as he could tell, he'd only managed to pick up a few scrapes,a ton of bruises and a cracked rib. Almost definitely a concussion. All in all, he was damned lucky. That was more than what he could say for the shuttle. Still, if he could get the distress beacon online.

"Computer, where are we?"

"Our current location is Earth. Exact co-ordinates are unknown."

Earth? That made him sit up a little straighter, as he attempted to clear the foggy feeling from his head. But Earth was lightyears away from Bajoran Space. He wasn't even headed in that direction, so how... It wasn't important, he decided. Starfleet Headquarters would have registered his crash, and he was certain that a team would be out to rescue him almost immediately. Julian fumbled around in his Medkit for a few seconds, extracted a hypospray of his favourite pain reliever, and dosed himself with it. Breathing a sigh of relief, he slumped against the wall and attempted to recall the events that had brought him here. It was probably in his best interests to stay awake and, at the very least, it would pass the time.

He'd been having a nap, and dreaming about his 'farewell' dinner with Ezri Dax, when he'd been woken up by some particularly rough turbulence. Assuming it was just an Ion Storm, he'd padded out onto the bridge, only to find that the computer disagreed with him - it was something much more severe, and practically unidentifiable. It was about then that the shuttle had started to fall apart in front of his eyes - various consoles had exploded, cables had fallen from the ceiling, there was a flash of bright light and... He'd ended up here. On Earth. It was all just a little strange.

Fearing that he was dreaming or, irrationally, that he was dead, Julian struggled to his feet - however, he failed miserably at staying on them. Despite the fact that he was beginning to see double,  Julian was more than slightly relieved. If he was in pain, he must be alive, right? It was about then that he blacked out.

He woke up, hours later, the texture of the carpet indented across his face. As foggybrained as he was from the crash, he could dimly register that Starfleet wasn't coming for him. It was rather strange, though;  surely SOME sort of sensor had detected his shuttle - it just didn't make any sense. Fearing the worst, he managed to claw his way upright.  Cramming whatever he could find into his medkit, he stumbled blindly out of the shuttle, not even particularly caring which direction he had chosen. He didn't even register that it was probably close to the middle of the night, now, and he didn't bother with grabbing a torch.

"Alright, if you're not coming to me, I'm coming to you..." He said, to no one in particular. It felt a lot like a spy-mission holosuite program he'd played with Garak, once. Ah, if Garak could see him now... He'd be so, so proud. Good old Garak! Julian had rather missed his lunches with the fellow. He wondered how things were going for him on Cardassia - did he ever get the chance to mess about in a holosuite these days? Probably not, it was something of a warzone...

It was pure chance that Julian ended up at the gates of the compound, holding an animated discussion with someone who clearly wasn't there. 
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15 November 2010 @ 07:37 am
Status: Open
Location: Garage
Warnings: None so far
Notes: There's only so many places for Rose to wander in the camp, but wander she must.

She knew they'd stopped using their trucks, the Lieutenant mentioned that, but she couldn't help wondering just how many there were, even if they weren't in service, and just what use they could be. She couldn't help looking...simply sitting back and surviving, rather than taking an active hand in stopping whatever seemed to be not-quite reviving the dead. As things stood, she couldn't afford to go out into the thick of it on her own, she'd only end up dead.

That didn't mean she wouldn't go looking to find out what they could still do from here. And she couldn't do that without a proper inventory, even if it was one only she knew.

Thus, she stood outside the garage, hands on hips, gauging the size of the building, and where the aforementioned previous attack might have damaged it.

Well, it wasn't as if she were in any hurry.
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13 November 2010 @ 08:38 am
Status: Open
Location: Office Building
Warnings: None really
Notes: Harry decides to act like a leader and give people jobs!

He had two lists.  Harry thumped his thumb on the one that was more pressing and less dangerous.  They needed to inventory this place.  Everything.  Bullets, food, tools.  The second list?  They needed to get to the SUV Ianto, Jack and Owen rolled in on.

He wasn't looking forward to finding volunteers for the second mission.  Everyone would want to go, but he wondered who would be best suited?
12 November 2010 @ 11:39 am
Status: Open
Location: Mess hall
Warnings: Language, possible spoilers for Afterlife.
Notes: This is about as close to socializing as Alice gets, so come say hi!

Alice was sorting her coins.

It was something she did to relax - she'd find a clear surface, whether a table or a floor, and upend the black bag full of quarters. She didn't have many left at the moment, maybe fifty bucks' worth, but she was sure she could find some obsolete currency around here somewhere.

And anyway, it was enough. For now.

She sat in the mess hall, at a table alone, her back facing the wall, all exits and entrances in sight. She made sure to position herself, these days, near an easy escape. Not being superhuman anymore had its drawbacks. The fight or flight reflex had turned into mostly flight. Of course, supposedly she was safe here, and there was nothing to fight inside the walls of the Safe Zone.


People were on edge. She didn't need to talk to them to see that. It was in everyone's expression, in their eyes, the tension in their voices. That wasn't likely to change. A zombie apocalypse didn't go away overnight. But Alice knew enough to realize that if fighting broke out inside the walls, they were just as fucked as they would be if the zombies got in.

She thought of Rain and Claire. Christ, she hoped those two would lay off eachother. They were all in the same proverbial boat. The same proverbial, sinking ship.

The undead hadn't broken in yet. But they all knew it was only a matter of time.

Alice pushed another stack of quarters to join the others, realized she'd finished stacking them all, and sat back to look at her handiwork. Then, with a swipe of her arm, she sent them all tumbling into a silvery, clinking mess on the table, and started to do it all over again.
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05 November 2010 @ 06:52 am
Status: Open
Location: Safe Zone 
Warnings: None
Notes: Jack's wandering

Supposedly, he couldn't leave.  Having to be escorted to the barracks pretty much told him that if he tried to open that gate, he'd be gunned down.  He didn't exactly blame them for that.  It was a complicated mechanism and the dead wandered around just outside.  No one really wanted to let one in as a guest.  And Jack really didn't want to experience being eaten.

Still, he needed to find a way out to get to Ianto, the man that they left at the broken down car on their way here.  His eyes scanned the barbed razor wire along the top of the double fence.  So that would leave a mark.

03 November 2010 @ 11:56 am
Status: Open
Location: Safe Zone 
Warnings: None (cursing?)
Notes: Harry is in the office building

"Fuck!"  He was not an architect.  He wasn't an engineer.  Still, he thought he'd be able to figure out how to make a deadlock, like Alice had suggested.  It was suppose to be an extension of the gate so that survivors could find their way in and out without having to wait for the heavy inner gates to be open.

The safety measure would allow them to stop using the black out tarp and, hopefully, Harry would be able to put together some hunting teams.  Rose had suggested as well that they might want to inventory supplies and with the influx of a doctor and a man supposedly left a few hours out alone, Harry was starting to have a lot more on his plate than just protection of the Safe Zone.

"Mother fucker!  God damn it!"
01 November 2010 @ 06:57 pm
Status: For Owen Harper and Jack Harkness, Open for Anyone to join in after
Location: Safe Zone 
Warnings: None
Notes: Harry's come to meet the new doctor, but anyone can tag along, keep replies linear!

"So.  You're a doctor."

He was a man of little words and little patience.  Having just hunkered down for a nap, it was really very annoying to suddenly be called back to the gate that he and Alice had been discussing on making safer.

He was surprised to find two new men.  Most of their stragglers came in singles.  He gave the doctor a look over and smirked.  "Don't look like much."